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Article- day 3.

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On the 16th of March 2019, there was a third and the last day of PuszMUN. That day all participants met in the Assembly Hall and finished their conference. Delegates showed everything that they had done in previous days. They read all their resolutions and a lot of attendants got involved in discussing if they are suitable and proper. Despite the fact that there occurred some conflicts, for example between Vietnam and the USA delegation, the atmosphere was positive so the debate was neither stressful nor unpolite. China, Israel, the UK, and the USA were really concerned in discussion and contributed to reaching a common agreement. There was also a sensitive moment during Delegate of the UK speech which was really appreciated and everyone found it the most beautiful speech that they have ever been able to hear.

At the end of all PuszMUN pages and organizers gave awards for the people who had shown their skills or had behaved in a special or funny way.


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The interview with Eco-Soc Chair – Przemysław Pietrzak

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Jan Lesiak: Where are you from?
Przemysław Pietrzak: I’m from Gorzów.
J.L.: How do you like PuszMUN?
P.P.: I really enjoy it. I’ve taken part in other MUNs. PuszMUN has a specific work system and I can recommend it especially to high school students because procedures are less complicated than in other MUNs. However, PuszMUN calls for their commitment.
J.L: Have you ever been to MUN before?
P.P.: Yes, that’s my second one.
J.L.: Tell me something about your first MUN.
P.P.: I was in New York at the first MUN. We were able to debate in ONZ buildings.
J.L.: Oh! That’s great!
P.P.: Yeah, that was a very realistic image of United Nations Debates.
J.L.: What encouraged you to take part in MUNs?
P.P.: I learned about MUNs because my high school organized it.
J.L.: Do you get on well with other Chairs?
P.P.: Chair Table is really great and I appreciate that other Chairs are from foreign countries. Variety makes us communicate in English and lets us be more fluent.
J.L.: Could you tell me how your resolution progress in your committee?
P.P.: Very well. We discuss last details and we’re going to choose orators for General Assembly.
J.L.: Thank you very much.
P.P.: Thank you.




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Article- day 2.

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Today, 15th , there was the second day of PuszMUN. Delegates gathered together in their committees and have been working on their topics.
Delegates in ECOSOC Committee put a lot of effort to find a solution against illiteracy. The main topic in today’s conference was how to make education equally available to everyone. There was a huge dominance of the USA and Latvia delegations. Most members were unanimous so the discussion was enjoyable and interesting. Delegates wrote the resolution quickly and with ease.
There was also such a hard discussion in HR Committee. China got involved in writing the resolution so deliberations were quite long, difficult and detailed. Everyone in this committee thought in different ways so they needed to vote many times. Everyone was really concerned and focused during the discussion.
A similar situation occurred in UNICEF Committee. Participants’ involvement made everything exciting. All delegates willed to write a resolution and despite sharing different opinions about the topic, they came to a common conclusion. They were divided into two groups. One of them- including developing countries and the second one consisted of countries where the problem of child labor appears. Germany, India and the UK displayed large activity in this committee.
In Political Committee cooperation was pleasant due to Israel delegation and their big knowledge about the topic. The USA proved their creativity and wisdom by giving a lot of proposals. On the other hand, there were some difficulties caused by Canada which wasn’t willing to collaborate with others. The UK and China also had a relevant influence to write the resolution.
– Natalia Sembratowicz

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Article- day 1.

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Today, 14th of March 2019, there was the first day of 15th edition of PUSZMUN. All participants took part in the opening ceremony in Philharmonic, where they could find some pieces of information about this event. Everyone was also introduced into topics, which will be discussed in the next two days.

This year’s Human Right Committee will discuss the problems connected with employees and their employers especially when it comes to child and women. They are going to find a solution to a problem of transparency in apparel industry and people’s awareness of it.

Delegates from Economic and Social Committee will deal with a trouble linked to illiteracy and actions that the government can take to prevent that creation.

UNICEF Committee will do their best to find some ways to solve the problem of child labour. Their aim is to protect their rights.

After long and difficult discussion delegates showed their point to reach an agreement and make world a better place. Some participants in their speeches expressed their willing for some collaborations and encouraged others to put much effort during the following days.

Natalia Sembratowicz

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An Interview with one of the delegates: Katarzyna Karmowska (Finland)

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Jan Lesiak: How do you feel about being a delegate in this year Puszmun conference?
Katarzyna Karmowska: I’m honored to be a delegate this year. It’s a great feeling to have an influence on resolution and that way I’m able to change the world a little bit.
J.L.: Could you tell us what does your delegation want to say in the debate?
K.K.: We want to say that we do care about current problems that the world is struggling with and we are trying to solve them. We would like to cooperate with other countries to be more effective in our actions.
J.L.: Are you enjoying being a delegate?
K.K.: Of course I’m enjoying being a delegate it’s really great fun. You can meet so many amazing people and contribute to the changes in the world.

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Secretary General’s Letter

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“United we shall stand”

Distinguished Advisor, honorable Chairs, fellow Delegates

My name is Matteo Anela and it is with great honor, as your Secretary General, that I welcome you to the 2019 international cooperation, which will occur on the 14th, 15th and 16th of March.

In the past, I performed the role of the delegate of several countries, an activity that helped me understand better and better how the UN works, how countries of thoroughly different opinions discuss and how they, eventually, come up with resolutions. It is, therefore, a real pleasure for me to be involved in all of this once again. I hope this experience will help you likewise, but most of all I hope you will enjoy it in all its challenges. In fact, a brand- new conference is about to take place, carrying along just as new issues that stress important aspects of our current society, but I sincerely believe that you are fully prepared to face them.

During the MUN you will become more aware of what is happening all over the world around you. Moreover, you will learn how to use this new knowledge both for the conference and your own personal education. Furthermore, the fact that you will be working with people from different countries is not to underestimate, as it is an example, although small, of real international cooperation.

With that said, here are the topics that Nations are struggling with today and that need a solution:

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) will address the following matter:

Nowadays millions of children around the world are stuck in an unacceptable and widespread phenomenon known as child labour. Child labour leads to several conditions such as slavery, child soldiering, sexual exploitation and illicit activities, including drug trafficking. As a consequence, all of these children are deprived of their childhood, education and health. How can UN deal with the problem of child labour and protect the rights of children?

The Human Rights Committee (HRC) will answer the question:

What can the UN do to ensure transparency in the apparel industry? Protecting the rights of workers throughout supply chains and guaranteeing labour law compliance in factories.

The Political Committee (PC) this year is asked to cope with competition in terms of space control: We live in an age of space discovery. The cosmos holds a lot of potential, but in this new unknown expanse we shouldn’t create an opportunity for the mighty to rule over the weakened.

How can governments prevent the creation of an unjust system of outer space control?

And finally, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) will deal with the question:

What actions can governments take to equalize everyone regarding education?

As the conference unfolds, my advice is to not be intimidated to support your country’s politics and actions, because this is a delegate’s job. But, at the same time, do not allow them to prevent the country itself and others from agreeing for a global improvement. Witnessing the birth of a new resolution is a unique experience, and the chance to be part of it is even more unparalleled. Those who join the MUN for the first time will find out why the “older” ones kept on doing it year after year and they will, hopefully, take their place.

I would like to end by reporting these following verses that can sum up the meaning of this huge collaboration:

“Sounds the call to come together and united we shall stand. Let us live and strive for freedom in […] our land”

Sincerely yours,

Matteo Anela

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UNICEF Committee’s Chair’s Letter

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Chairperson’s letter

Distinguished delegates,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the fifteenth edition of PuszMun. My name is Paola Marongiu and together with my colleague and co-chair Laura Chironi, we will moderate your discussions concerning the problem of child labour.

The topic we will be discussing should be very close to us, as it is about the rights of children. Millions of children nowadays are deprived of their education and health, since their very first childhood and condemned to a life of poverty. Basing on the last UNICEF data, 168 millions of children between 5 and 17 years are forced to child labour. what can we do to protect their rights?

As Unicef Committee, what we have to do is looking for solutions to this problem, just relying on our competences. My only advice is to think clearly about the problem and to focus in which are the situations in your different countries. You should be open-minded and full of ideas. You will have three days to debate and share your opinions with your fellow delegates; three days of hard working, that can make a change.

I hope we will make a great job together, based on cooperation and most of all on creativity. Good luck Delegates, and see you on March 2019.



Paola Marongiu


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ECO-SOC Committee’s Chair’s Letter

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ECOSOC: What actions can governments take to equalize everyone regarding education?


Dear Delegates,

On behalf of the ECOSOC committee, I welcome you to PuszMUN 2019, the fifteenth edition! I am Przemysław Pietrzak and together with my colleague, we shall chair your discussion regarding the question of actions that governments can take to equalize everyone regarding education.

The topic we will be discussing is not easy. The resolution should be universal to concern all kinds of education, including higher education, around the world, regardless of region or culture. We should also have in mind, that equality, quality regarding education can have many aspects, such as sex discrimination, accessibility, quality etc. Inequality can have various reasons, with which we can fight. As Economic and Social Committee we should identify only these aspects which lie within our competences. As you can read in Rules of Procedure „in this committee delegates debate on financial matters, such as the current global economic situation, battling unemployment, post-war changes in the economy”. That means the discussion should concern financial matters, for example underfunding of education, financial support for students, scholarships, tuition waivers etc. For ensuring of the effectiveness of resolution short-term and long-term solutions should be introduced.

All we can do now is get ourselves to work and encourage you to start your research and give you some pieces of advice. First, think of the problem, imagine an ideal situation and then work on the best way to meet your goal. Stick to your opinions but remember to be open-minded. Do not come here with empty heads and do not make writing your resolutions a last-minute thing. You will have, only or even, three days to share your knowledge and ideas with your fellow delegates. It is three days to debate, three days to make a change, three days that can not go to waste. I hope we will all work hard and let your solutions grow in the field of cooperation, fruitful discussions and creativity. Good luck Delegates, and see you in March 2019!




Przemysław Pietrzak

Political Committee

How can the governments prevent the creation of unjust system of outer space control?


What can the UN do to ensure transparency in the apparel industry?


What actions can governments take to equalize everyone regarding education?


How can UN deal with the problem of child labour and protect the rights of children?