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Political Committee’s Chair’s Letter

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Political Committee: How can the governments prevent the creation of an unjust system of outer space control?


Dear delegates,

It’s been over sixty years since dreams of exploring outer space began to come true. The first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, was launched in October of 1957. With everything that followed, the Space Race, first human spaceflight, the Moon landing, we can with no doubt state, that we live in the age of cosmos inspection. All the fantasies about leaving the Earth to discover the world beyond our planet are now available for fulfillment. Although, what we must focus on, is how to keep the space cooperation available and fair for everyone?

The topic of space cooperation began with the merged mission of American-Soviet Apollo-Soyuz mission, containing astronauts from both countries organizations. The Space Race was officially over, but outer space partnership was to begin. Initially, only two lands, USSR and USA, were taking part in galaxy programs, but, as the technology improved, over sixty more countries created their own Space Organizations, therefore joining the forces of space cooperation.

Now, more than ever, we need to focus on unity and righteousness. As we proceed to enter the depths of cosmos, we mustn’t allow injustice to follow. The peace on earth should spread on its orbit and outside of it as well. After achieving a dream of conquering space, we must create another fantasy: an idea of orbital collaboration that would be safe and non-discriminating for all, making the outer space an equal territory.

The world isn’t going to help you, dear delegates. The all-powerful desire to rule over the weak and if it weren’t for you, there is no one to stop them. I won’t give you clear directions or obvious choices and despite the difficulty of the given topic, I believe in you and your ideas.

My name is Maciej Cymbrykiewicz, chair of the Political Committee, and I’d like to welcome you to PUSZMUN 2019. I honestly can’t wait to meet you all and watch, as we, together, help the universe.

As the quote from one extremely popular movie franchise where space plays an important role says: “May the force be with you”.




Maciej Cymbrykiewicz

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Human Rights Committee’s Chair’s Letter

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HRC: What can the UN do to ensure transparency in the apparel industry?

Protecting the rights of workers throughout supply chains and guaranteeing labor law compliance in factories.


Distinguished Delegates

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the upcoming PuszMUN 2019. My name is Maciej Kisielewicz and together with my co-chair Jan Nowakowski we will be moderating your discussions regarding the apparel industry.

The topic at hand should be very close to our hearts, after all, it is about the people who make things we wear every day. Workers who sew our clothes are respectable human beings and should be treated as such, and the problem is, that is not always the case. The discrimination in workplaces stresses workers into suicide and such. What you must seek during those three days of PuszMUN is solutions to those problems. The situation now is that we know how big of an impact our clothing has on people, it is a $2,5600 trillion industry. How much, though, do we really about the process during which our clothes are made? What are they really made of? Who are the suppliers of these raw materials? Is a “made in China” tag enough? This is why we need transparency in the apparel industry, the XXI century slave may just be a factory worker.

What I think we should be focusing on is improving their workplace environment, we can do that by strengthening the existing laws and creating new ones; imposing stricter penalties; doing unannounced check-ups on factories. There is an arsenal of ways to deal with the problem of transparency in the apparel industry, and it is your duty to choose a way that fits your country policy the best.

I wish you all the best in the quest of writing your resolutions. I hope you will work hard to make the MUN an enjoyable experience. I count on your creativity.



Maciej Kisielewicz

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PuszMUN 2018: An interview with Mrs. Ewa Olczak

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Q: What is special in this year’s PuszMUN edition?
EO: It’s hard to say that this particular edition is special, because each of them brings something new and extraordinary- both because of the topics and people that come to PuszMUN every year.
Q: What moment in the history of PuszMUN is the most memorable for you?
EO: I have been organizing PuszMUN for 10 years, so there are a lot of moments that I will remember for a long time. But the most memorable for me is the first edition, because it was something new for me.
Q: Why is it worth to take part in PuszMUN for you?
EO: This question I could answer primarily as an English teacher. I’m always happy when participants talk about breaking the  language barrier. PuszMUN also gives the opportunity to meet new people, not only from our country. Taking part in the debates gives possibility to learn how to discuss controversial topics in a peaceful manner, to listen to another person and also enables to presentM your point of view in the way that doesn’t offend anybody.

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PuszMUN 2018: Day 1

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For the 14th time students from I Liceum Ogólnokształące in Gorzów Wielkopolski and their guests gathered to discuss the problems of our times. This year on PuszMUN – Puszkin Model of United Nations – we welcomed delegations from Italy and Sweden. Over 150 delegates representing 46 countries take part in the deliberations. They are divided into four committiees: Human Rights Committee, Eco-Soc Committee, UNEP and Security Council.

“This year we are discussing the problems regarding migration and the integration of migrants, which has been present for a long time.” – explains Maciej Cymberkiewicz, the Co-Chair of Eco-Soc Committe. “One of the topics is the problem of discrimination on religious, gender and sexual orientation backgrounds. Debates will  also concern the dangers regarding the existance of nuclear weapons.” The Opening Ceremony was held in the Gorzów Philharmonic. The floor was taken by Ewa Szmit, the Headmistress of I LO, as well as dr. Aleksandra Szczerba- Zawada, Ph.D. in law, and Marvin Mussall- the Secretary General. Later the participants could see and hear the musical performance of Aleksandra Bekierska and Aleksander Kaczmarek. Afterwards, the topics were presented to delegates by the Committees’ chairs. After a short break each delegation gave their opening speech. In the afternoon the debates have begun.

“Taking part in events like PuszMUN enables you to get to know people’s opinions, understand the problems of the modern world better and explore the cultures of different countries”- says Nur Rawashdeh, delegate from Italy.

Hania Błaszczak

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Welcome letters from chairs

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Dear delegates,

this year’s conference is approaching and with that in mind we bring you our chairs’ welcome letters. We hope you are as excited for PuszMUN 2018 as we are and we wish you all the best for your preparation for the event. See you there!

A letter from Secretary General

A letter from UNEP’s chairperson

A letter from Eco-Soc Commmittee’s chairperson

A letter from HR Commitee’s chairperon

A letter from Sercurity Coucil’s chairperson

Political Committee

How can the governments prevent the creation of unjust system of outer space control?


What can the UN do to ensure transparency in the apparel industry?


What actions can governments take to equalize everyone regarding education?


How can UN deal with the problem of child labour and protect the rights of children?