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How to regulate and improve situation of immigrants in the world? This question will be put before participants of XII edition of Model United Nations. This intriguing topic, concerning serious problem of the XXI century is certainly going to cause a lot of exitement among representatives of different countries due to the situation of the refugees, about which so much is being recently said.

Migration – the concept so simple to define and at the same time so extensive. Migration is the movement, change of residence. It is affected by many factors and leads to multiple effects. It is estimated, that approximately 3% of total world population annually migrates. Because of that fact many countries engage into helping immigrants and this way it has become a global issue. Immigration is one of the processes that migration includes. It is settling on a new land after leaving previous residence. Immigration has impact on population of a country and often causes conflicts on ethnic, religious or cultural background. On the other hand, it provides cheap labor.

Therefore, does immigration have more advantages or flaws? How to cope with the current situation? What should be done to make younger generations’ life better? These issues will be taken into consideration by young people, who desire to have a contribution and change the world.

Weronika Góra