Welcome letters from chairs

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Welcome letters from chairs

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Dear delegates,

this year’s conference is approaching and with that in mind we bring you our chairs’ welcome letters. We hope you are as excited for PuszMUN 2018 as we are and we wish you all the best for your preparation for the event. See you there!

A letter from Secretary General

A letter from UNEP’s chairperson

A letter from Eco-Soc Commmittee’s chairperson

A letter from HR Commitee’s chairperon

A letter from Sercurity Coucil’s chairperson

Political Committee

How can the governments prevent the creation of unjust system of outer space control?


What can the UN do to ensure transparency in the apparel industry?


What actions can governments take to equalize everyone regarding education?


How can UN deal with the problem of child labour and protect the rights of children?