ECO-SOC Committee’s Chair’s Letter

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ECO-SOC Committee’s Chair’s Letter

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ECOSOC: What actions can governments take to equalize everyone regarding education?


Dear Delegates,

On behalf of the ECOSOC committee, I welcome you to PuszMUN 2019, the fifteenth edition! I am Przemysław Pietrzak and together with my colleague, we shall chair your discussion regarding the question of actions that governments can take to equalize everyone regarding education.

The topic we will be discussing is not easy. The resolution should be universal to concern all kinds of education, including higher education, around the world, regardless of region or culture. We should also have in mind, that equality, quality regarding education can have many aspects, such as sex discrimination, accessibility, quality etc. Inequality can have various reasons, with which we can fight. As Economic and Social Committee we should identify only these aspects which lie within our competences. As you can read in Rules of Procedure „in this committee delegates debate on financial matters, such as the current global economic situation, battling unemployment, post-war changes in the economy”. That means the discussion should concern financial matters, for example underfunding of education, financial support for students, scholarships, tuition waivers etc. For ensuring of the effectiveness of resolution short-term and long-term solutions should be introduced.

All we can do now is get ourselves to work and encourage you to start your research and give you some pieces of advice. First, think of the problem, imagine an ideal situation and then work on the best way to meet your goal. Stick to your opinions but remember to be open-minded. Do not come here with empty heads and do not make writing your resolutions a last-minute thing. You will have, only or even, three days to share your knowledge and ideas with your fellow delegates. It is three days to debate, three days to make a change, three days that can not go to waste. I hope we will all work hard and let your solutions grow in the field of cooperation, fruitful discussions and creativity. Good luck Delegates, and see you in March 2019!




Przemysław Pietrzak

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