UNICEF Committee’s Chair’s Letter

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UNICEF Committee’s Chair’s Letter

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Chairperson’s letter

Distinguished delegates,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the fifteenth edition of PuszMun. My name is Paola Marongiu and together with my colleague and co-chair Laura Chironi, we will moderate your discussions concerning the problem of child labour.

The topic we will be discussing should be very close to us, as it is about the rights of children. Millions of children nowadays are deprived of their education and health, since their very first childhood and condemned to a life of poverty. Basing on the last UNICEF data, 168 millions of children between 5 and 17 years are forced to child labour. what can we do to protect their rights?

As Unicef Committee, what we have to do is looking for solutions to this problem, just relying on our competences. My only advice is to think clearly about the problem and to focus in which are the situations in your different countries. You should be open-minded and full of ideas. You will have three days to debate and share your opinions with your fellow delegates; three days of hard working, that can make a change.

I hope we will make a great job together, based on cooperation and most of all on creativity. Good luck Delegates, and see you on March 2019.



Paola Marongiu


Political Committee

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