An Interview with one of the delegates: Katarzyna Karmowska (Finland)

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An Interview with one of the delegates: Katarzyna Karmowska (Finland)

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Jan Lesiak: How do you feel about being a delegate in this year Puszmun conference?
Katarzyna Karmowska: I’m honored to be a delegate this year. It’s a great feeling to have an influence on resolution and that way I’m able to change the world a little bit.
J.L.: Could you tell us what does your delegation want to say in the debate?
K.K.: We want to say that we do care about current problems that the world is struggling with and we are trying to solve them. We would like to cooperate with other countries to be more effective in our actions.
J.L.: Are you enjoying being a delegate?
K.K.: Of course I’m enjoying being a delegate it’s really great fun. You can meet so many amazing people and contribute to the changes in the world.

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