Article- day 1.

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Article- day 1.

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Today, 14th of March 2019, there was the first day of 15th edition of PUSZMUN. All participants took part in the opening ceremony in Philharmonic, where they could find some pieces of information about this event. Everyone was also introduced into topics, which will be discussed in the next two days.

This year’s Human Right Committee will discuss the problems connected with employees and their employers especially when it comes to child and women. They are going to find a solution to a problem of transparency in apparel industry and people’s awareness of it.

Delegates from Economic and Social Committee will deal with a trouble linked to illiteracy and actions that the government can take to prevent that creation.

UNICEF Committee will do their best to find some ways to solve the problem of child labour. Their aim is to protect their rights.

After long and difficult discussion delegates showed their point to reach an agreement and make world a better place. Some participants in their speeches expressed their willing for some collaborations and encouraged others to put much effort during the following days.

Natalia Sembratowicz

Political Committee

How can the governments prevent the creation of unjust system of outer space control?


What can the UN do to ensure transparency in the apparel industry?


What actions can governments take to equalize everyone regarding education?


How can UN deal with the problem of child labour and protect the rights of children?