The interview with Eco-Soc Chair – Przemysław Pietrzak

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The interview with Eco-Soc Chair – Przemysław Pietrzak

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Jan Lesiak: Where are you from?
Przemysław Pietrzak: I’m from Gorzów.
J.L.: How do you like PuszMUN?
P.P.: I really enjoy it. I’ve taken part in other MUNs. PuszMUN has a specific work system and I can recommend it especially to high school students because procedures are less complicated than in other MUNs. However, PuszMUN calls for their commitment.
J.L: Have you ever been to MUN before?
P.P.: Yes, that’s my second one.
J.L.: Tell me something about your first MUN.
P.P.: I was in New York at the first MUN. We were able to debate in ONZ buildings.
J.L.: Oh! That’s great!
P.P.: Yeah, that was a very realistic image of United Nations Debates.
J.L.: What encouraged you to take part in MUNs?
P.P.: I learned about MUNs because my high school organized it.
J.L.: Do you get on well with other Chairs?
P.P.: Chair Table is really great and I appreciate that other Chairs are from foreign countries. Variety makes us communicate in English and lets us be more fluent.
J.L.: Could you tell me how your resolution progress in your committee?
P.P.: Very well. We discuss last details and we’re going to choose orators for General Assembly.
J.L.: Thank you very much.
P.P.: Thank you.




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