Human Rights Committee

CHAIR – Nunzio Borra

CO-CHAIR- Sandra Roberta Stadnik


TOPIC – Abortion – a proper mean to family planning?

What measures can the UN take to regulate the laws in different countries?


Dear Delegates,

Welcome to PuszMUN 2015! My name is Nunzio Borra and my Co-Chair Sandra Stadnik and I will be chairing you in the HR committee.

TOPIC: Abortion – a proper mean to family planning?

Though it is one of the most discussed topics nowadays, abortion is still a sensitive subject due to all abortion-related issues. It is unavoidable in fact, to debate on abortion without dealing with woman condition, healthcare as well as ethics, religion and other deep convinctions that affect our beliefs. Nevertheless, despite our personal points of view, it’s essential to focus on our mission which is „What measures can the UN take to regulate the laws about abortion in different countries?” Indeed it’s the effectiveness of the answer we will be able to find to this question that ought to warm and inspire our disputes.

Finally let me suggest you three tips that you might take in consideration: 1) Consistency: make sure there is agreement and coherence among the parts of your speech(es) so that you could resist the onslaught of your detractors. 2) Listen carefully: don’t be that guy thinking his resolution is the only one worth listening, pay attention to all the debates! You could even become aware of some points of view you’ve never thought of. 3) Be social: Don’t forget that MUN is a place where you can share thoughts, opinions, argue the cause you believe in, as well as a great chance to broaden your networks, enhance your public speaking, negotiating, and diplomatic skills.

And last but not least remember that between the debates, the lunch breaks, the nerdy jokes and the social events, MUN days are extremely intense and you spend a lot of time with the same people. This means that, if it usually takes you a month – or maybe more – to get to know someone in order to call them a “friend”, in MUN that process gets put on fast forward. ( I take myself as example: for me last year was an unforgettable moment and I hope this year will be too for me and everyone ) So make the most out of these days: I promise you won’t regret it.

Sincerely yours,

Nunzio Borra

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