Conference 2016

Dear Delegates, Advisors and Friends,

It’s my honour and pleasure to invite you to the XII Puszkin Model of United Nations, I will
have the privilege to be your humble host during these debates. This year’s Conference will
allow you, as a representative of foreign Government, to explore new themes and issues,
face new challenges and meet new, different people from many nationalities.

Our world faces an increasingly complex set of realities. Many people are disillusioned with
the established order. We need to forge a common agenda that can help ensure that future
generations grow up in a world of sustainable peace, prosperity, freedom and justice.
We, young people, have a crucial role to play across our agenda.

Model of UN creates opportunities for potential leaders of the generation to engage in multi-faceted dialogue, face personal growth, gain comprehensive perspectives on world issues, and learn about the trials and triumphs of international diplomacy, all in hopes of creating a better tomorrow.

I urge all delegates to engage in 3-days of divergent debate, through fearless expression of opinions, constructive conversations, spirited brainstorming and dynamic problem-solving. This is an era of great uncertainty, but also one of profound opportunity for individuals to make a difference.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” ~ Albert Einstein

Yours sincerely,

Oktawia Stolarek

Political Committee

How can the governments prevent the creation of unjust system of outer space control?


What can the UN do to ensure transparency in the apparel industry?


What actions can governments take to equalize everyone regarding education?


How can UN deal with the problem of child labour and protect the rights of children?