Economic and Social Committee

CHAIR – Adrian Kołodziński

CO-CHAIR – Wioletta Łukasik


TOPIC: How to regulate and improve situation of immigrants in the world?



Dear Delegates,

On behalf of the ECOSOC committee I welcome you to PuszMUN 2016, the twelfth edition! I am

Adrian Kołodziński and together with my friend Wioletta Łukasik we shall chair your discussion

regarding the question of regulation and improvement of the situation of immigrants in the world.

The topic we will be discussing is not easy. While it’s generally about immigrants, all kinds of them,

you probably immediately thought in light of the recent events of the migrant crisis in Europe, people

seeking relief from the hellish reality of their home countries, such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the list

goes on. While your discussion will need to give rise to solutions that will improve those refugees’

lives, you also have to take into consideration the general situation of immigrants in the world and

the ones to come! As such, a good combination of both short-term and long-term solutions perhaps

will be necessary. Keep in mind this is not the first immigration crisis that happened in history – in

fact, this is just one of many crises, that we as a committee have to stop and then prevent from


Try to ask yourself a few questions – what are the current attitudes towards immigrants? What is

being done well and what could use improvements in terms of welfare for immigrants? And how can

we, as the United Nations ensure the fulfillment of basic human rights, here the main one being the

right to freedom of movement, but without straining any of our Member States’ economies? None of

those are easy questions, but if this was a simple problem, we would not be going to discuss it during

this conference. I am sure that if you work together, a great resolution will be made! Good luck

Delegates, and I will see you in a few days!


Adrian Kołodziński

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