Political Committee

CHAIR – Joanna Szymczak

CO-CHAIR- Jan Migdal


TOPIC – The conflicts of the bordering countries and their influence on the international situation.
How to regulate such cases taking place in the world?

Dear delegates,

Nowadays it is easy to focus only on the issues which directly affect on specific matter, not always an important one. As long as it does not personally concern us, we do not care. It is the lie that every-day reality feeds us. In many regions of the world people need help due to rights which are broken, devastated and not respected. Daily situations are our distractions from ones that actually matters. This is why we are gathering at Modal of United Nations.

At this year’s debate we will focus on conflicts of the bordering countries and their influence on the international situations. This problem not only pertain to the involved ones but also every Member of United Nations. Regardless of source, economical, historical or religious, we are obliged to care, to help, to stand against. It is needed to put the end of it, banning and ordering, threats or even armed conflicts. This world has already seen enough cruelty.

We are here to say ‘no’ out loud. We are here to fight for each other. We are here to solve world’s biggest problems. We are here to make a change.

I hope that in fruitful debates, on the way of compromises and negotiations we can make a difference.

Sincerely yours,

Joanna Szymczak

Political Committee

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