Resolution HR- RU, CH, UKR, KAZ


Topic: „What measures can the UN take to reduce the number of the crimes such as the acts of sexual harassment taking place in India?

Main Submitters: Russian Federtion, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan


Noting with deep concern the statistics regarding the ever-increasing frequency of reported sexual crimes such as the acts of sexual harassment, assault and rape.

Underlining, that sexual harassment is not only rape. It is also molesting, catcalling and acts of domestic violence that can be categorized as sex offence.

Keeping in mind, that verbal sexual harassment is the first step to heavier kinds of abuse.

Criticizing the deceitful attitude of the United States of America.

Driven by the dire need for a genuine reformation of the policy pursued by the United Nations and the European Union Member States.

Guided by the fear for safety of inhabitants of all Member States.

Affiriming, that violence against women, men and children constitues a violation of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all people and that violnce impairs their enjoyment of those right and freedom.

Bearing in mind, that about 35% of women and men worlwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.



  1. Expresses its concern over lack of reaction from local government against sexual assaults, thus calls all the Member States to do not invoke any customs, traditions or religious beliefs to avoid their obligations in order to stay politically correct. States should pursue by all appropriate means and without any delay a policy of eliminating violence against women and men.


  1. Recommends creating an international campaign AWESOME whose task will be to teach people what they can do to avoid getting raped (clothing, behaviour in public places etc.), introduce self defence training into schools, especially physical education curriculum, as well as educate people on reacting while witnessing such an accident.


  1. Suggests creating „Recovery camps” as a punishment for minor sexual harassments; the duration of the punishment will be based on their psychological state and the kind of crime they have committed. The profit from these camps will be transferred to a benefit fund for victims and their families.
  2. Proposes death penalty as a punishment for the most violent rapes (especially on children below 14 years old), depending whether it is legal in a certain Member State.
  3. proposes legalization of death penalty for the worst cases, in Member States where it is not considered by national law,
  4. encourages Member States, where capital punishment is illegal, to perform chemical castration on the rapists and then placing them in Recovery Camps.


  1. Condemns the phrase of ‘marital rape’, stressing that there is no difference between rapes.


  1. Promotes research on the causes, nature and consequences of violence and on the effectiveness of measures implemented in such cases by:
  2. building the evidence based on the size and nature of violence against women in different settings to extract main risk factors and identify solutions,
  3. emphasizing the importance of partnerships between researchers and those who are in a position to use the research effectively, such as service providers, government agencies, women’s health advocates or Non Governmental Organizations.
  4. suggesting increasing the level of research focused on same gender rape,
  5. proposing ‘women and violence’ survey.


  1. Suggest changing the example in the topic from ‘India’ into “United States of America’, as it the statistics are much higher and much more prominent there.


  1. Supports all sorts of organizations that fight sexual violence and hypermasculinity, spread the idea of both genders being equal as well as violence and aggression not being a part of being ‘manly’ by:
  2. supporting Family Violence Prevention Fund’s campaigns such as “Coaching Boys into Men” which aims to teach boys how to deal with violence and encourages male role models such as sport coaches or other male leaders in a community to talk about issues such as gender equality and respectful relationships with women.
  3. broadening the campaign by adding the female training.


  1. Suggests the unification of the terms ‘rape’ and ‘sexual harassment’ in all of the Member States, so that it doesn’t discriminate against same-sex rape and harassment.


  1. Draws the attention to the role of media in preventing violence; thus suggests creating a media association called Propagandist Union of Television Internet and Newspapers (PUTIN) whose aim will providing information on victims and their stories to increase the awareness of the problem and popularize non-violence.


  1. 11. Proposes specific educational programmes to prepare public servants, particularly the police and municipal police, for helping victims of sexual harassment and to sensitize them to the acts of sexual violence, furthermore:
  2. encourages police stations to create women-only units available to female victims, which will lessen the stigma and shame often felt by them,
  3. suggests increasing safety in public space, including public transport, by installing cameras and adding more public servants patrols in places mostly exposed to sexual violence, if the Member State can afford to.


  1. Urges the Member States to provide help and free legal advice for women and men who fell victim to sexual crimes as well as give local health workers special training in treating sexual abuse victims, create health care points for raped women and men where they can stay anonymous and provide access to therapies and specialized psychologist for all victims of harassment.


  1. Invites all companies from business sector to hold mandatory gender awareness workshops for all employees in order to prevent discrimination in workplace.
  2. suggests adopting clear sexual harassment policy, which will promote zero-tolerance policy towards violence and will be accessible to all staff members,
  3. suggests educating employees on legal actions that they can take against the culprit





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