Conference 2015

Dear Delegates, Advisors and Friends,

In XXI century there is an urgent obligation for us to confront the reality of the globalized world. We can no longer perceive ourselves only as a citizens of our homelands, especially we, Europeans, who started the perpetual occidentalization process.

However what can “occidentalization” mean to us any longer?

Surely, my friends, it formerly meant the westernization of every culture, which differed from ours. Today this inconceivable process is not anymore headed in one direction. Now it has evolved into much more heterogeneous form. All, what we do or decide, somehow can have an impact on human beings around the globe and vice versa. Formerly competitiveness between the world’s empires has lead us to great catastrophes which occurred by world conflicts such as World War II and which still occur, for instance by current conflict in the Middle East or even by pro-democracy protests in the city of Hong Kong.

Can we do anything to end the process?

I doubt that. Once this machine started, it is impossible to stop it. Nevertheless we are urged to open our minds, abandon the strictly formal boundaries of our countries and struggle for the common welfare. We are urged to keep in mind that those, once “different”, right now are vulnerable to every move we take. We are urged to stand up and resist the never ending hunger of businessmen and politicians for power, influence and money. That is because we are the citizens of the world now, we are the common people, who need to reclaim their right to speak, live and act freely.

Model United Nations is the best occasion to know those “different people” better, to show our empathy, to see their needs and their tragedies. I, as the Secretary General, with all my heart wish you to acknowledge the challenges which each of us have as an individual and as the citizen of the globalized world and keep in minds those words during upcoming Puszmun conference.

Yours sincerely,

Artur Andrzejewski

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